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District’s Electrical Program Adds HVAC/R Training

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In a continued effort to support student success, the Central High School District has expanded its electrical training program to include both one- and two-year options, as well as adding HVAC/R training, free of charge, to interested juniors and seniors.

Both programs are designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for students to pursue a career in the trades or attend college to embark upon a degree in one of the engineering fields.

Housed at the district’s administrative building at Brookside, students are provided transportation from their designated school for midday sessions.

After starting just a few years ago with less than 15 students, the Electrical Training Center now has 50 students enrolled.

Upon completion, students will receive 450+ hours of hands on electrical and OSHA training, Electrical and HVAC/R Training Center certification of completion, community outreach participation in Habitat for Humanity builds, as well as elective credits toward graduation requirements.

It is the district's hope that the program expands even further in the coming years and incorporates a plumbing component.

Date Added: 10/18/2023

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