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High Schools Foster a Sense of Community and Belonging

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High schools across the Central High School District utilized a half day on Nov. 7 to foster a sense of community and belonging within their respective buildings.

At Kennedy, students attended an Academic Field Day, dubbed A Day of Belonging, where they were immersed in transformative workshops and inspiring guest speakers. The vibrant atmosphere fostered a sense of unity and understanding, as diverse voices resonated through the halls.

Through shared experiences and insightful conversations, the event left an indelible mark on the student body, reinforcing the importance of inclusivity, empathy, and the power of collective learning.

Mepham celebrated CommUnity Day across their building, where students traveled around Mepham and around the world to enjoy food, dance, music, art, and cultural activities hosted by their teachers and classmates.

At Calhoun, students spent 10 minutes in each of their classes where teachers worked on engagement, resilience, the Power of Yet, and goal setting, for example. Then for the second half of the morning, guidance counselors met with some seniors to solidify the college process. Students in grades 9-11 were in the auditorium hearing the Rock Band perform and learning about music electives. Students also learned about some of the vast array of electives in other departments that they are able to consider taking during their high school career.

They heard about interesting courses such as Voices of the Past, Engineering electives, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science electives, AP European, the difference between AP Calc AB and BC, AP Stats, Psychology, Sociology, 1945 to the Present, Sports and American Culture, and Business electives including Virtual Enterprise, College Accounting, and College Marketing. Additionally, students saw a video that highlighted theart department offerings and what was possible for their future in the fine arts as well.

The Rock Band brought the energy and kept it fun. They also offered a wide array of activities for COORE students in the library and there were some leisure activities in the gym for the PREP students to play.

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Date Added: 11/14/2023

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