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Calhoun Leadership Bring Anti-Hate Message to Elementary School

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On Jan. 9, students in Brian Joyce's Leadership class from Calhoun High School embarked on a mission to Birch, aiming to foster meaningful connections and create a lasting impact. The high schoolers engaged with fifth grade classes and tackled the issue of hate speech head-on.

Crafting a purposeful lesson plan that could be easily digested by the fifth graders, the Calhoun Leadership students took charge and guided discussions that encouraged the younger students the significance of identifying, as well as understanding hate speech.

“Their intention was to shed light on the profound impact such language holds, not just on individuals but on broader communities too,” explained Joyce. “The visit was a platform for open dialogue, enabling these budding leaders to converse with the fifth grader students about viable solutions to counter hate speech.’

“By delving into constructive ways to address this issue, the students were empowered to become agents of change that recognizes and confronts hate speech,” added Christina Cone, a social studies chairperson.

Date Added: 1/9/2024

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