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CHSD Launches Artificial Intelligence Elective

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The district’s new elective course, artificial intelligence with Python, is underway at Calhoun High School.

This is a new, one-year course for upper grades students covers the basic principles of artificial intelligence through exposure to machine learning algorithms in Python.

“We started this course because introducing Python and concepts of artificial intelligence in high school prepares students for college courses and careers in STEM,” explained Danielle Caliendo, a math and computer science chairperson.“It also equips them with the skills necessary for today's world, where artificial intelligence is shaping the way we live and work.”

Teacher David Hendler is currently working on a Chatbot unit.

“We first go through the components of drones, how they work, putting them together and safety precautions before we start flying,” he noted.

Zach Sirof, a junior interested in pursuing computer science or mechanical engineering in college, said he has always been interested in coding but had never been exposed to AI.

“Before the drones, we worked on Chatbotcreating atic tac toe game, where I can basically play against the computer,” he explained. “With the algorithm we made, the computer will always beat you or tie.”

Under a curriculum created by Long Island University, students can obtain college credit from the university. This class is considered a magnet offering, held during first period so that students from the district’s other high schools can also enroll.

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Date Added: 1/16/2024

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