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World Language Classes Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

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On Jan. 16, students in World Language and ENL classes at Merrick Avenue Middle School engaged in various activities in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students learned about the history of Martin Luther King Jr. and the power of being kind while participating in several kindness activities as they reflected on Dr. King’s legacy.

Students in Ms. Steinhaus, Ms. Di Chiara, Ms. Cohen, and Ms. Yaltzindeg class created hearts with kind expressions and sources of inspiration in Spanish that were displayed in the hall.

Ms. Hayes’ French students listened to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in French and then did a word study of cognates related to his message. The class discussed ways to cultivate these values in their everyday experience.

Ms. Schleith’s French classes watched a short video showing how important kindness and compassion are and came up with the message of how it is important to help people. Students also wrote thank you notes in French to two of their teachers which were placed in their mailboxes.

Students in Ms. Kelly’s 7th-grade classes wrote notes of kindness to their classmates and shared them aloud with their class. Students in Ms. Schleith, Ms. Zdrodowski and Ms. Kelly’s classes created “Value Jars” for display by writing with positive thoughts and sentiments for their classmates. Ms. Zdrodowski’s 8th-grade classes created “Cartas de Amabilidad” (kindness and appreciation letters) for their favorite teachers. The letters were placed in the teacher’s mailboxes as a pleasant surprise!

Ms. Schleith’s ENL students spent the past week learning about Martin Luther King Jr. They read an article and answered questions. They also watched a video about kindness and discussed its importance. They wrote and shared heart-shaped notes to each of their classmates. Additionally, they practiced their writing skills by writing letters thanking two of their teachers for their kindness.

Students in Mrs. Yaltzindeg’s Spanish classes learned about the history of Martin Luther King Jf. and the power of being kind. They talked about how kindness is contagious, and improves health and well-being. Students brainstormed different ways they can demonstrate kindness, and wrote them in Spanish on hearts that are now displayed throughout the hallway.

Date Added: 1/19/2024

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