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Physical Education Department Awarded Floorball Grant from NY Islanders

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Physical education departments across the Central High School District received a hockey equipment grant courtesy of the New York Islanders that is helping facilitate a safer and more inclusive floorball experience in class.

“Floorball is a much safer activity than traditional floor hockey and a lot easier to play for all levels of classes,” explained Eric Caballero, director of health, physical education, athletics, drivers education & health services.

The sport “promotes active movement, the enhancement of motor skills, and team building,” according to the Islanders website.

Previously, students used floor hockey sticks with heavier balls. This required the use of protective eye googles. The new equipment makes this version of the game much safer.

Using Islanders-branded plastic sticks, aerodynamically designed balls and nets, players maneuver around the gym floor on foot to try and score on each other’s teams.

“The vented blades on the sticks are designed to be lightweight, which means more durability for sustained class use,” explained Brian DeGaetano, a physical education teacher at Kennedy High School who applied for the grant.

“The kids love it and get competitive about it,” he added. “We’re thinking about creating a schoolwide tournament during gym classes that engages all of the students.”

Both the middle and high schools in the district are working on a unit dedicated to learning and playing floorball.

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Date Added: 3/15/2024

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