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High School Students Offer Guidance to Elementary Peers

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Students from Kennedy and Calhoun High Schools visited Merrick’s Lakeside and North Merrick’s Fayette elementary schools, respectively.

A group of Lakeside alumni who now serve in their high school’s student government revisited their alma mater to engage with current student council members.

The focus was emphasizing the profound impact of service in shaping strong communities. Their message resonated deeply with the future Cougars, sparking enthusiasm and renewed commitment to making a positive difference. As we continue to foster a culture of service and leadership, let's draw inspiration from these alumni and their continual service.

Calhoun athletes regularly visit Fayette School through the ACES program, or Athletes Compassionately Educating Students, to lead lessons about healthy and positive life habits. During their recent visit, sixth graders broke out into groups as ACES athletes discussed the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol and maintaining an active lifestyle. The high schoolers also shared what sixth graders can expect both at Merrick Avenue Middle School and Calhoun, including classes, teachers, participating in sports and independently following a daily schedule. Sixth graders greatly enjoyed receiving the beneficial insight.

Date Added: 3/28/2024

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