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eSports Students Compete at Districtwide Tournament

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Forty-two students across five schools met up at Kennedy on March 22 to compete in a districtwide Super Smash Bros. tournament.

After winning their school level tournament earned them a bid into the districtwide event. Kids brought their own controllers, some with custom modifications. 

Mikaela Coni, assistant superintendent for business, added that “it’s another avenue for people to get connected to something they love.”

David Prince, a math chair, organized the first competition, which was played in bracket style.

“eSports puts all students on the same playing field,” Prince explained. “We have middle school students competing against high school students, boys against girls, students who receive academic accommodations against those who don't, and everyone has a great time.”

Dan Stiglitz, the eSports coach at Merrick Avenue Middle School, 3D printed trophies for the top finishers, but the real prize is bragging rights.

“And they get the chance to defend their title next year,” Stiglitz, added.

The winner was Ruben Cardona of Mepham (left) with Matt O'Brien of Mepham coming in second.

There hasn’t been a live tournament like this across Long Island.

“Next year, we'll try to invite Esports teams from neighboring schools to join the competition and include other games,” Prince added.

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Date Added: 3/28/2024

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