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Bellmore-Merrick Special Education PTA (SEPTA) is here for students and parents of students in our two district middle schools, three district high schools, Meadowbrook Alternative Program, Prep Academy and in out-of-district placements who have either 504 plans, individualized education plans or other learning needs that do not fit squarely in the mainstream and the teachers, staff and administrators who teach them.



Alyssa Gecsedi
Lissa Zukoff Vice President
Rosemary Pietraniello
Regina Bongiorno
Recording Secretary
Jodi Weiss-Balboni
Membership Chair

We can be reached by sending a note to our SEPTA mailbox in any of the six district schools or by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also friend us on facebook at bellmore merrick septa.


Upcoming Events

Central Office Contacts

Eric Arlin
Executive Director of Alternative Education
Emily Paluseo
Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
Maura Kempton Assistant Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services 992-1052



School Contacts

Grand Ave Middle School Justin Gioia Chairperson, Special Education 992-1127
Merrick Avenue Middle School Marybeth Vetro
Chairperson, Special Education 992-1226
Calhoun High School Theresa Catalina Chairperson, Special Education 992-1327
  Melissa Rohr Chairperson, Special Education


 Deb Brave Prep For the Future   992-1300

Cheryl Gitlitz Transition Coordinator 992-1075
Kennedy High School John Jimenez Chairperson, Special Education 992-1462
Mepham High School Theresa Dell'olio Chairperson, Special Education 992-1575
Meadowbrook Alternative Program (MAP) Eric Arlin Principal 992-1082
 Prep Academy

Eric Arlin

Emily Paluseo

Maura Kempton

 Prep Academy @ Brookside




   Hailey Ozsvath Prep for the Future @ Prep Academy  
   Cheryl Gitlitz  Transition Coordinator 992-1075

Our Schools