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Driver Education -Absences & Make-Up Policy


Absences and Make-Ups

A student is permitted to make-up as many as 3 absences in either car or lecture class. NY State requires that all absences be made-up in order to receive a passing grade.  More than 3 absences in either class (not combined) will result in the student failing the course. There are no "excused" absences. Absences due to sports, SATs, ACTs (or other exams), are still considered absences.  


Lecture Classes

If you are absent, you should email your Instructor directly and arranged a make-up.


Make-up policy for in Vehicle Instruction

If your child is absent from a car class, he/she will be able to complete a make-up session under the supervision of a parent/guardian.  The supervised driving log is included below.  This should be used to enter the 90 minutes of driving and observation that is required by NY State and DMV. Once completed, kindly email the form to Tara Malloy-Fader at [email protected]


Supervised Driving Log


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