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Clubs & Activities 2023-2024

Art Club    Mr. Giordano 
Book Club  Ms. Levine & Ms. Zambori
Builders’ Club  Mr. Doherty
Coding Club  Ms. Biancardo
Communications Club  Mr. Fisher and Ms. Silvestri
Cooking Club  Mrs. Norton
Drama Club  Ms. Levy
E-Sports  Mr. Ng
Gender-Sexualities Alliance  Ms. Lever
International Culture Club  Ms. Azzara
Math League  Mr. Dagger
Newspaper  Ms. Primus
Robotics Club  Ms. Biancardo
SADD  Dr. Aguilar and Ms. Motley
Science Club  Ms. Cruz and Mr. Langer
Student Council  Mr. Fields and Mr. Langer
Student Network of Cooperative Science  Ms. Cruz
Technology Club  Mr. Ng
World of Difference  Mr. Nislow
Yearbook  Ms. Doupé and Ms. Sheehan
Yorker Club  Mr. Bargiel and Mr. Rummenie


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