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Grand Athletics Philosophy And Policies


Coaching Philosophy

Middle school sports are a developmental level of athletics. Contrary to travel, our goal is to seek out competitive experiences to provide opportunities for our kids to grow and develop skills and a love for sports.

From this perspective, winning and losing do not matter!!! Growth and progression are our primary focus in preparation for high school athletics. This philosophy will be employed in the way in which we manage our individual relationships with our kids, opposing coaches, opposing players, opposing teams, opposing fans, and ALL referees.

Please help us to ingrain this philosophy in our kids by using this perspective and terminology at home toward creating a good-character, competitive culture.

Academic/Behavioral Policy

All Grand Avenue athletes/affiliates are expected to positively contribute to our academic and athletic community by displaying good character and conduct that are representative of both Grand Avenue and the Bellmore Merrick Central High School District. Instructional disruption/distraction, smoking/ vaping, inappropriate social media usage, or behavior not becoming of the BMCHSD may result in disciplinary action, suspension, or removal from the team.

Attendance Policy

Practices are everyday, Monday through Friday, from 3 PM to 5 PM. There will be several Saturdays we will have practice on an as needed basis. All practices are mandatory unless indicated otherwise. All missed mandatory practices will be considered unexcused unless a medical note is provided. Consistent, unexcused practices may result in a reduction in playing time.

Playing Time Policy

Playing time is allocated on an equitable, but not equal basis. Players will receive playing time according to their EFFORT, ATTITUDE, and ATTENDANCE at both practices and games.

Game Days Policy

Grand Avenue athletes must attend a minimum of four instructional periods throughout the academic day to be eligible for games (or practices). Absence from school yields immediate ineligibility for both practices and games.

After games, athletes are expected to stay the entire duration of a competitive event, including breakdown and clean up following both home and away games.

Travel Policy

For the safety of our athletes, parents are not permitted to provide transportation for other children without express written permission and approval via the use of the BMCHSD travel form. Short notice mass carpooling is strictly prohibited for safety.

Player / Fan Code of Conduct Policy

Both athletes and parents are expected to help create a positive and supportive, athletic experience that respects opposing fans, opposing athletes, referees, all coaching staffs, and our own athletes. Please refrain from instructing/ coaching your child or others, addressing the referees in any way, or entering the field of play at any time.

Additionally, all BMCHSD campuses are closed for safety on school days until the conclusion of practices. Therefore, parents cannot stay to watch practices unless advised otherwise by the coaching staff.

24 Hour Communication Policy

The BMCHSD whole-heartedly believes in consistent, open lines of communication between athletes, parents, and coaches. Transparency is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged for a healthy, athletic environment and community. If there is a playing time issue or another concern, please exercise the 24 hour rule. We ask that you send an email requesting an opportunity to communicate a concern with the coach. The coach will then reply via email to communicate a mutually convenient time to address your concerns via phone call after 24 hours have passed from your initiation of communication.


Outside Commitments Philosophy

The vast majority of athletes have multiple commitments including high-level, outside travel programs. This is appreciated and welcomed. Please understand, however, that if you choose to miss a Grand Avenue practice for a travel sports event, playing time may be reduced to be equitable to those who have made Grand Avenue their primary commitment.

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