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Tri-M Music Honor Society FAQ

  • What is the Tri-M Music Honor Society?
    Tri-M, once named “Modern Music Masters,” is the international honor society for music students in junior and senior high schools. It is a program of MENC (Music Educators National Conference), an association of over 63,000 music education professionals nationwide who realize the importance of motivating students and recognizing musical achievements.
  • What does Tri-M do?
    Many things! Tri-M serves the school and community in various ways. Some of these may include: sponsoring concerts by outside organizations in our schools; providing ushers for school concerts; providing soloists to perform at school events; giving solo and ensemble performances at local community organizations; honoring people in the community for their contributions to the school music program, and much, much more.
  • What do I do to become a member?
    ri-M is an honor society, and membership has requirements. You are required to maintain at least a 93 average in your music courses and at least an 87.5 (unweighted) average overall. You also must have been a member of one of your school’s performing ensembles during your entire high school career. Upon filling out an application form, you will be required to perform a solo, duet or small ensemble number at a recital in the fall. You also will take part in a formal membership induction ceremony.
  • What else is membership based on?
    The logo of the Tri-M Music Honor Society includes five lines of the music staff. The staff represents the five major criteria for selecting new members: scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership and service. The design also includes a lyre and manuscript scroll, which represent proficiency and service in the field of music.
  • Who sponsors Tri-M?
    Chapter #3858 sponsors are Walter Avellaneda, Kimberly Flynn, and Jeanette Pincu.

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