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Mission Statement

John F. Kennedy High School is dedicated to the education of the total child. With comprehensive course offerings and a wide array of student activities, the educational environment fosters the student’s intellectual, emotional, psychological, and physical growth, helps develop social skills, and nurtures individual talents.

Our educational program motivates each student to reach his or her potential. Guided and supported by staff members who recognize and address students’ individual needs both in and out of the classroom, every student has the opportunity to succeed. Members of our high school staff are role models who demonstrate the values and character we expect of all of our students. In addition, class activities, special programs, extra-curricular participation, and community service projects cultivate independence; students practice healthy decision making, accept responsibility for their actions, take pride in a strong work ethic, and enjoy their accomplishments. Preparations for college and career awareness are essential aspects of our educational program that help prepare our students for the future. Finally, our goal is to graduate life-long learners with the skills to adapt to and even improve the world. We hope our students will recognize the importance of being good citizens by participating in the community and embracing the diverse nature of our society.

The school community enhances the educational program. We reach out to educational institutions and businesses to develop a network of support for our students and their endeavors. The entire school community is committed to working together to offer students an outstanding educational program in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.

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