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The following is a brief list of available service opportunities. This is not a complete list. New opportunities continue to open up from month to month:

Extra Curricular: These are special projects sponsored by the different school clubs: Student Council, Builders, SADD, etc. Students learn about these opportunities through daily P.A. announcements.

Hosts/Guides: Students regularly serve as hosts/guides for special school events. 

Car Wash: Usually sponsored by PTA or Student Council. Open to all students in grade 7 and 8.

Street Fairs: Bellmore and Merrick each sponsor a Street Fair in the Fall. Many Merrick Avenue students participate in the street fairs.

The following is a list of after school clubs available to our students.

A CAPPELLA – Talented students have an opportunity to sing together without musical accompaniment and perform throughout the year in a group known as "Word of Mouth."

ART CLUB - Students work in various media to produce individual projects.

BUILDERS CLUB - A "junior" Kiwanis Club, students do community service and fund-raising, sometimes in conjunction with high school Key Clubs.

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - Students learn and perform specially arranged music for strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The group performs at assisted living centers, community gatherings and the Winter Concert, and only meets during the fall semester.

CHEERLEADING AND KICKLINE - Students are selected by tryouts for these pep squads.

COMMUNICATIONS CLUB - Students volunteer to read the morning announcements.

COMPUTER CLUB - Students investigate possibilities of the computer not covered during class time.

COOKING CLUB - Students prepare delicious recipes for their dining pleasure.

DRAMA - Students participate in various aspects of a production, including acting, set design, lighting, and other theatrical skills.

GUITAR CLUB - Ranging from beginner to advanced, students learn and practice guitar skills.

INTERNATIONAL BUDDY CLUB - An after school club made up of English Language Learners and students who are interested in international culture and meeting friends from all over the world. Students of all ethnic and linguistic backgrounds are welcome to join!

INTRAMURAL SPORTS - All seasons, before and after school - archery, indoor soccer, fitness center, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, tennis, lacrosse, aerobics

LIGHTING & SOUND/A.V. CLUB - Students learn how to operate and use lighting/sound equipment that is used for concerts, presentations, and shows.

JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Students learn and perform Jazz, Jazz Rock and other related styles of music. An audition is required to join this group which performs for the Spring Concert and meets only after the Winter Concert is over.

LITERARY MAGAZINE - Students write poetry, short stories, and articles for the publication and student artists illustrate. The magazine is published annually.

MAMS PRIDE CLUB - Mission of the club is the provide an environment of self-love and acceptance.

MATH CLUB - Students participate in various math competitions. All students are eligible.

NATURAL HELPERS - Volunteers that assist students with special needs in various settings throughout the school day and at evening events.

NEWSPAPER - Rampage comes out three times a year, and contains news and opinions about school issues.

P.A.W.S - Students participate in projects and activities that provide assistance to organizations which help animals, and learn and teach others about animal welfare issues.

ROBOTICS TEAM - Students interested in learning about and working with robots. At robotics competitions, teams of students design and built a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of challenges.

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions concentrates on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and on good citizenship. Sensitivity to handicapping conditions is developed and service to the physically and mentally challenged population is performed.

SCIENCE CLUB - Students participate in trips, competitions and preparation of projects for contests.

STUDENT COUNCIL - Class officers are elected and one volunteer student from each homeroom represents that class at student council meetings.

YEARBOOK - Published annually by students.

YORKER CLUB - Students visit historic sites, and learn their importance and the people who lived there/used it.


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