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SHCHS Student Resources

Lost & Found

The Lost & Found is located in bin outside Attendance Office.


Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued every year. In this age of heightened security, students are required to carry their ID cards with them at all times. They are required for admission into afternoon and evening activities. Lastly, ID cards will be necessary for students to take SAT exams at Calhoun and at other testing sites.


Lockers & Locker Rooms

Lockers are to be treated with care, as they are school property. Any defacing of school property will result in immediate disciplinary action. All students are asked to keep their lockers locked. Open lockers could lead to theft. All valuables are to be secured properly in a locked locker during physical education class. A student's locker (hall of Physical Education) may be inspected by a school official at any time if there is sufficient cause to do so without notice or the student's consent.


Working Papers

Applications for working papers can be found in the Main Office or downloaded from this website.

Click Here for the Working Paper Applications and Instructions.


Driver’s Ed

Applications for the Driver’s Ed program can be found in the Main Office or downloaded from the Driver's Education page.


Late Busses

Late busses run daily at 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.


Extra Help & Learning Center

Calhoun High School offers tutorial services through our various Honor Societies. Your guidance counselor can direct you to such services. We also offer extra help and tutorials in our learning center.


Student Code of Conduct

It is our school’s and district’s mission to create a warm, safe, and productive learning environment for our students. During the course of the year we offer a variety of social and emotional learning opportunities for our students. We hope that their experiences in programs like Challenge Day, assemblies that cover internet safety, group guidance sessions, etc. prepare them well to respond appropriately to stressful and/or difficult situations. The district has developed a Code of Conduct that addresses the behavioral expectations of all students in our district.

To view the Student Code of Conduct please click here.


Athletic Code of Conduct

To participate in our athletic program, students are expected to adhere to an Athletic Code of Conduct. It is our expectation that our student-athletes will present themselves in a sportsmanlike manner towards their teammates, their coaches, their opponents, and game officials. Calhoun High School coaches preach hard work, dedication, and fair play and expect their upper class team members to be mentors for our 9th and 10th graders.

Click Here for the Athletic Code of Conduct.

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