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About Us

"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." - Diogenes Laërtius
"The virtue lies in the struggle not in the prize." - R.M. Milnes

Address: 2401 Camp Avenue, Bellmore, NY 11710
Phone: 516-992-1500
Fax: 516-785-7590
Grades: 9 - 12
Enrollment: 1,300
Colors: Garnet and Gray
Mascot: Pirate

Our District History

The district was officially established November 1, 1934, by the States Commissioner of Education. Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District was known as C.H.S.D. 3 until May 1973, when it officially adopted the name reflecting its geographic location. This change was required of all districts by the State Education Department.

One hundred fifty freshman students entering high school in September 1935, studied with five faculty members in a renovated six-room school house on Bedford Avenue. Mr. Sanford H. Calhoun served as principal. Wellington C. Mepham High School opened in 1937 with an enrollment of 741 students.

Jerusalem Avenue Junior High School and Merrick Avenue Junior High School were opened in 1954. In 1958, the Sanford H. Calhoun High School and the Grand Avenue Junior High School were opened. In 1963, an addition was placed on the Mepham High School. Brookside Junior High School opened in September 1964, and John F. Kennedy High School opened in September 1966. There were then over 10,000 students in the district. There are now approximately 6,100 students in the district. Brookside and Jerusalem Avenue have been closed due to declining enrollment. Today, Jerusalem Avenue is rented to Nassau BOCES and the district’s central office is at Brookside, along with several tenants. The rental space generates additional income for the district. The Meadowbrook Alternative Program (MAP) also resides at Brookside.

The Mepham March

Words by Margaret Churchman Pritchard
Music by George L. Pritchard

Hail, sons of Mepham High
Let your praises ring out to the sky
March, on against the foe
Down the field of victory we go
So let us cheer all our gallant band
You who blazed our triumphs through the land
May your spirit never die
All ye sons of Mepham High

The Mepham Seal

Reprinted from an autumn 1937 edition of the Buccaneer

Basing her work on the suggestions of a committee, Miss Frances Werner, art instructor, has designed a school seal. A replica appears in this issue of "The Buccaneer" above the list of staff members.

Since the central theme for the school revolves around thoughts of the sea, the compass was used. The main compass points suggest the four towns which make up Central High School District Number Three.

In order to make evident at a glance to what school the seal belonged, the picture of the school and the word "Mepham" were added.

Around the seal is inscribed the school motto, "Opportunity, Industry, Achievement."

Finally, the numbers 1934 stand for the year in which the district was formed.


Alma Mater

Words by Myrtle Telleen Collins
Music by DWane R. Collins

Hail to Mepham’s Royal colors, garnet and grey;
For her pirates bold and mighty may they always wave.
Oh, dear Mepham, may we prove our high regard for you
By our thoughts, dear Alma Mater, and the things we do.
Flown above the stately portals see the colors sway
Far above the verdant landscape garnet and grey.
Hail, Alma Mater! on South Nassau’s shore
May the echoes of our song ring out evermore.

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