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Troupe’s Tremendous Twist

Troupe’s Tremendous Twist Pic
Troupe’s Tremendous Twist Pic 2
Troupe’s Tremendous Twist Pic 3
Troupe’s Tremendous Twist Pic 4
As part of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District’s Extended Year Summer Program, students performed “Oliver With A Twist” under the direction of Kathleen Brickmeier. The rendition, which also featured iconic 1960’s character Mary Poppins, was the culmination of weeks of rehearsals and preparation by the program’s theater troupe.
Students performers were Melanie Iovane, Emely Salgado, Jacqueline Murray, Aidan Osorio, Gavin Bluni, Alex Thompson, Johnathan DeCicco, Matthew Freeman, Luciano Centanni, Andrew Rossi, Jeremy Camille and Daxia Crimmins.

* Transportation Schedule for Wednesday and Thursday September 5 & 6, 2017 for BarryTech & LIHSA Students - NO BOCES CLASSES

o PM BarryTech students will have regular morning pickups from their assigned stops to their respective HS and will be returned back to their assigned stop at the end of classes. AM BarryTech students will have a 10:25 - 10:45 pick up time from their assigned stop to their respective HS and will be returned back to their assigned stop at the end of the day. (Guardian Bus Company, 516-SAFEBUS (516-723-3287)

o LIHSA students will have normal AM transportation to their respective high schools.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Receives Amelia Earhart Award

Civil Air Patrol Pic
Civil Air Patrol Pic 2
John F. Kennedy High School incoming senior, Ricardo Gomez-Nieto of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District was awarded the prestigious Amelia Earhart Award Tuesday night as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary.

In attendance were multiple local and state politicians as Gomez-Nieto received his award in front of a room full of fellow cadets. This high honor is the third milestone in the cadet program and marks the completion of phase three, the command phase. Gomez-Nieto endured a series of rigorous promotional eligibility requirements, completing many challenging courses and meeting high leadership expectations to obtain this award.

Gomez-Nieto joins the only five percent of cadets that will receive this elite achievement. The Amelia Earhart Award grants Gomez-Nieto eligibility to participate in the International Air Cadet Exchange program and also upon entering into the Civil Air Patrol’s Senior member program, is eligible for immediate promotion to CAP First Lieutenant at age 21 and credited with the technician rating in the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track.

Summer Bridge Program Celebrates Mindfulness Day with “Goat Yoga”

Summer Bridge Program Pic

Incoming ninth-grade students in the inaugural Bellmore-Merrick Summer Bridge Program enjoyed Mindfulness Day, a day devoted to helping students build self-advocacy skills, cope with stress and tension, improve social relationships with peers and adults, and set goals for high school.  The district’s newly adopted Bridge Program and promotion policy is designed to help students strengthen necessary academic and organizational skills before moving on to high school.  “The focus is to help reengage students while preparing them for what they will encounter academically as they start the ninth grade,” said Cheryl Fontana, district director of fine & performing arts and the Bridge Program coordinator.

A highlight of the day featured a unique yoga practice led by John F. Kennedy High School teacher Dawn Sullivan featuring special guests from Long Island-based Steppin’ Out Ponies and Petting Zoo, a rescue organization run by Bellmore-Merrick alumna Karen Bayha. As students entered an enclosed area at Grand Avenue Middle School to set up sun salutations on their beach towels, they were joined by a dozen of Bayha’s rescue goats, some as young as just a few weeks old. 

“Goat Yoga,” which is growing in popularity across the nation, was recently featured  in Sunday’s Newsday. Bayha’s rescue is involved with Goat Yoga events offered weekly by the Smithtown Historical Society. 

Bayha, who graduated from Mepham High School, was interested in partnering with the Bridge Program to “give back to the community.” As Sullivan led students through the meditative poses typical in a Vinyasa-style yoga class, the goats moved about the crowd and interacted with the participants. While some were more interested in grazing on nearby ivy, others, especially the babies, enjoyed interrupting the practice for playtime. 

“Goats are inherently gentle, social animals,” said Bridge Program Director & teacher, Mary Donnelly. “While yoga teaches us how to be calm and present ‘in the moment,’ the simple presence of the goats reminds us that we sometimes need to relinquish control, smile, and embrace the chaos.”

Once the yoga practice ended, students had the opportunity to play with the goats and even take a few ‘selfies’ before returning to class.


John F Kennedy High School Graduation Slideshow

Click here to watch the video

Calhoun Marks 58th Commencement Ceremony

Calhoun Marks 58th Commencement Ceremony Photo

The June 25 commencement ceremony for Calhoun High School’s Class of 2017, which was held at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, celebrated the students as individuals and as a collective group.

“You are by all measures a phenomenal group of students, athletes, artists and musicians,” said Principal Nicole Hollings. “With all of your abilities and talents, your futures burn bright with promise, possibility, power and potential. All of you have the power within yourselves to inspire, encourage, empathize and guide each other.”

Board member and fellow Calhoun alumna Wendy Gargiulo reminded graduates that their virtues will become their commonality in life.

“Know that someone will always have more than you,” she said, referring to the life’s perpetual rat race. “Your reputation and having integrity are so much more important than material things.”

Social studies teacher/senior class adviser Brian Joyce offered the faculty farewell, stressing the importance of legacy, as he teaches in his leadership course.

“Think to yourselves, ‘how do you want to be remembered?’ And always try to focus on being the best version of yourself and find a way to serve others.”

Class president Sara Samir reflected on Calhoun’s atmosphere as “binding.”

“For those who may not have been as affected as others, this day marks an opportunity for them to flourish,” she said.

Valedictorian Julia Losner talked about the power of the sun after an eclipse and wow moments from kindergarten to now.

“There are many more to come, including when we discover something about ourselves we didn’t know was there.”

Salutatorian Matthew Garber used learning how to tie a bow tie as a metaphor for persevering through life’s struggles.

“It’s the twists and turns of a bow tie and the pulling and finagling that represent the trials of our character.”

Pulling out a small mirror to adjust the bow tie, Garber told classmates to “focus on self-reflection and re-evaluation to get through the hurdles.”

Cougars Celebrate 50th Commencement

Cougars Celebrate 50th Commencement Photo

The last graduating class born in the 20th century has left the Cougar den of Kennedy High School.

“For 50 years, John F. Kennedy has forged a tradition of excellence based on the core values of scholarship, integrity and service,” said Assistant Principal Gerard Owenburg. “For five decades Kennedy’s graduating seniors have entered the next phase of life having experienced an academic program of the highest standards and a school community that focuses on helping students understand the value of making meaningful contributions in our world.”

Class President Phallan Grossman reminded classmates that it wouldn’t be popularity that they think of when reflecting on their time at Kennedy.
“But by the relationships we forged, how we treated each other and most importantly, the memories that we made,” she said.

In her valedictorian speech, Alixandra Wilens stressed the importance of perseverance as she and fellow classmates embark on this next chapter of their lives.

“We have the ability to be unique. I believe that life gives us the potential for happiness but also that such joy is achieved only after a barrier is broken down. That satisfaction comes through hard work and commitment.”

Salutatorian Rebecca Stekol sought to inspire her classmates in her speech.

“Always seek to learn, to constantly search for new ways to broaden your mind and open your heart, create a path that expands and that twists in different directions as you discover new interests that captivate you. Be spontaneous but also be driven.”

Lastly, board trustee Gina Piskin, also the mother of a Class of 2017 graduate, spoke personally of the relationships her son has made throughout the years.

“You are caring, generous, spirited individuals who have already made your mark on the world in so many ways and mostly likely will continue to do so.”

Mepham graduates of Class of 2017

Mepham graduates of Class of 2017 Photo

Community was the theme of student emcee/senior class president Madison Uzwy’s speech when she led Wellington C. Mepham High School’s 79th commencement on June 25 at the NYCM Theatre at Westbury.

“The people around you made the place actually feel like home. These people at Mepham have bonded and connected with you.”

This was the last commencement Michael Harrington will oversee as principal, as he will assume the role of assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in the coming school year.

“This class has proved that it is possible to achieve extraordinary things when there is a shared sense of purpose and drive,” he said. “The ways in which your class brought the community together through service projects…and how the spirit and pride that was felt at events [like that] is unlike any other school. Your collective efforts as a class to improve the world around you will always be the legacy of the Class of 2017.”

Salutatorian Kristina Schwab said that while she couldn’t yet determine if high school were the best years of her life, she said that “without a doubt it was four of the most significant years.”

“Think back to your freshman self and I think of the person standing here today. In the time between we have matured and grew up. We gained a great sense of independence.”

Valedictorian Rachel Jozwik spoke about how to navigate through this next chapter of life.

“The next few years – the rest of our lives will be all about experiences. We will make a million mistakes but learn a million new things. We will get lost a few times but find some really cool places. After all, the less we know, the more there is to learn.”

Board member Nina Lanci shared the “real secrets of success” with Mepham’s graduates. These life lessons were similar to basics taught in kindergarten including venturing outside to play, smiling at people and remember to be humble and kind.

“Most importantly use the buddy system,” she added. “The world is a lot less scary when you know there is someone you can trust.”

June 26 Letter to the Community re: Potential Sale of Jerusalem Avenue School


Bellmore-Merrick’s One Voice, One Message Initiative Packages 20,000 Meals for the Hungry

Bellmore-Merrick’s One Voice, One Message Initiative Packages 20,000 Meals for the Hungry Photo

All hands were on deck at Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District on April 22 when 100 volunteers, including One Voice, One Message ambassadors, packaged 20,000 meals in coordination with Rise Against Hunger.

Teachers and chairpersons were hauling 50-pound bags of vegetables and grains. Students worked in an assembly line, funneling dehydrated meals and vitamins into bags. Principals acted as couriers from the assembly tables to packaging locations. Administrators were taping up boxes full of meals and stacking them for transport. The superintendent manned a push broom, cleaning up any food spillover.

“They [the ambassadors] are the most incredible human beings with the largest hearts that serve as outstanding role models,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mara Bollettieri, who is also the co-One Voice, One Message adviser.

Money raised at the March One Voice, One Message Superhero 5K Run paid for the meals.

Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food to the world’s most vulnerable areas of the world.
“By sending the meals to schools abroad, the children will not only have a hot meal, but will receive an education as well,” added co-One Voice, One Message adviser and social studies chairperson Robyn Einbinder. “Students and staff alike were moved by the impact these meals will have, and thoroughly enjoyed working together throughout the morning.”


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