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Merrick Avenue Wellness Center Offers Workshops

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The Wellness Center at Merrick Avenue Middle School has been offering after-school activities that focus on teaching coping mechanisms by using the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

School psychologist Kristine McKiernan and guidance counselor Brittney Peterson aim to assist students through the thought process of dealing with stress and/or negative emotions and strategies to help them “calm down and think clearly.”

Each session begins with a mindfulness activity to assist students in “being here in this moment.”

“Thinking about the future or the past all of the time could lead to feelings of stress or anxiety,” McKiernan explained. “We can only control the present moment. And when we are not mindful, we are not able to give our 100 percent effort.”

On Nov. 18, students crafted their own stress ball, which incorporated the senses of touch and sight to assist with coping skills when feeling overwhelmed. On Nov. 25, students gathered to learn how to make a “calm down” glitter jar. 

“When we let the glitter settle, we see everything clearly again,” explained McKiernan. “The glitter isn’t moving very fast and that can represent slowing our thoughts and settling our emotions.”

Mepham Students SPARK Career Possibilities

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Students from the Advanced Science Research Program at Mepham High School visited Northwell's Plainview Hospital, as part of the Spark! Challenge experience.

“They learned the behind the scenes of a surgical operating room team and even recreate what it takes to do a full knee replacement surgery,” explained science teacher Neeru Partap. “Students also learned how to prepare for a sterile operating room environment and how to use tools used in a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.” 

They were also introduced to several members of the team who spoke about their careers, along with other career opportunities in the medical field. 

The Northwell Health Spark! Challenge is an exciting competition that enables teams of students from local high schools to participate in onsite "Career Days." 

These Career Days are hosted at multiple Northwell Health sites to introduce students to a variety of careers within health care.

Mepham Classes Battle It Out for Charity

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On Nov. 20, over 900 students and faculty from Mepham High School gathered in the gym at Brookside to once again battle for a cause at Mepham's annual Battle of the Classes. The students and faculty competed in a variety of relay events, an oversized volleyball game, tug of war and the Pirate Relay. 

In addition, each class designed a banner and dance that were judged by a faculty panel of judges. The Class of 2020 was victorious, winning multiple pre-events and dominating in the relays. This year the charity selected for the Fall service project is the FealGood Foundation. The FealGood Foundation's mission is to provide assistance to 9/11 first responders and to educate public officials and provide entities on the problems, concerns and issues faced by those first responders. 

The organization through the leadership of John Feal, played integral role in the passing of the extension of the 9/11 Victim's Compensation Act this past summer. John, along with 9/11 First Responders, Rich Palmer, Mark Mack, Tyson Jones, Felix Dunbar, Eddie Lanza, Mike O'Connell and Rafael Orozco were honored at the event and even participated with the students in some of the relays and tug of war. 

The night was organized by the Participation in Government and Senior Experience students and was hosted by Special Education teacher Anthony Augugliaro. To date, Mepham has raised over $8,500 for the FealGood Foundation through the Flag Field and Battle of the Classes.

Yorker Club MSG Trip

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Grand Avenue's Yorker Club went on their annual behind the scenes MSG trip Friday, November 22. The members were treated to a tour of the rich history of Madison Square Garden as well as a virtual reality demonstration of the events held at the facility.

Yorker Club Food Drive

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The Yorker Club held its annual holiday food drive for the Bellmore-Merrick community cupboard. Yorker members collected a total of $450 dollars during their lunch periods for the community cupboard during the entire month of November. Co-advisors Mr. Bargiel and Mr. Rummenie would like to thank all members who spent their lunch time collecting donations during the holiday season.

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