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Mepham’s Ronald Reznik Presents at National Conference

Mepham’s Ronald Reznik Presents at National Conference thumbnail178504
Ronald Reznik, a junior at Mepham High School, presented at the National Association of Gifted Children at its 67th Annual Conference.

Reznik was the only presenter out of 200 who is not a professor or professional in the field. His presentation, titled "The Essence of a National Gifted Education Framework," is an hour-long examination of the gifted education policies in place or being developed in various nations across the globe and is also a commentary on the current state of affairs in gifted education in the United States.

“It serves as a continuation of his work in gifted education policy; in March of this year, a bill written by Reznik to mandate gifted education in all schools in New York State was introduced in the state legislature, and he is currently co-authoring a research paper in the field,” added Principal Eric Gomez.

View his recorded presentation via this link;

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