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District Showcases Vocal Talents

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The district hosted its first Vocal Music Showcase, featuring the five premiere choral groups across the entire district.

Kennedy High School’s Variety Choir, Merrick Avenue Middle School’s Word of Mouth, Grand Avenue Middle School’s Grand Voices, Mepham High School’s Pirate Radio and Calhoun High School’s Crescendo were included in the performance.

"I got to sit with my best friend who is a soprano in Variety Choir over at Kennedy, and a seventh-grader who seemed very excited with the idea of being a part of our high school ensemble,” said Doug Gall, a member of Calhoun’s Crescendo group.  

While admission was free, the district accepted donations to the new pantry, the Community Cupboard, which is housed at Brookside.

"This was an incredibly special night in the Bellmore-Merrick CHSD,” said Cheryl Fontana, director of fine and performing arts and adult education.

“The genuine amount of camaraderie and support amongst our students truly embodied the meaning of One Voice, One Message. We certainly look forward to making this a new tradition for our communities."

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