* Transportation Schedule for testing week January 24-27, 2017 for BarryTech & LIHSA Students - Regular BOCES Classes Scheduled

o AM BarryTech students will have regular morning pickups from their assigned stops to BarryTech and will be returned to their respective schools at the end of the morning session. Mid-morning buses (10:30 & 11:30) will be available for take home. (Guardian Bus Company, 516-204-5934)

o PM BarryTech students will have 10:25 -10:45 pick-up time from their assigned stop to their home school to be transported to BarryTech and return to their respective schools at the end of the afternoon session where late busing is available.

o LIHSA students will have normal AM picked-up from their respective schools and will be returned to their respective schools where late busing is available. (BOCES Transportation, 516-396-2020)

Bellmore-Merrick Bands Together to Help Those in Need

Bellmore-Merrick Bands Together to Help Those in Need

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to action for community and civil service, thousands of students throughout the district participated in a Day of Service.

Organized by the district’s One Voice, One Message committee, which is a student-led think tank, the event was spearheaded by Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mara Bollettieri and Social Studies Chairperson Robyn Einbinder.

After hearing a brief history lesson on the civil rights activist, students filled pantry, household and hygiene items into reusable bags along with a handwritten note on Jan. 13.

“When one looks at the totality of 6,000 students and staff districtwide filling more than 1,700 reusable grocery bags with food, it was touching to see a wonderful community come together to meet an incredibly important common goal on such an extraordinarily special day,” said Dr. Bollettieri.

Students also wrote notes of encouragement to include in the bags, which they learned from last year’s feedback, were especially impactful to the recipients of the food.

“Service learning opportunities like this have become routine in the district,” explained Sanford H. Calhoun High School Principal Nicole Hollings.

The following day, students and staff delivered the donated items to various social services organizations/housing units including the INN, Mommas House, Regina House and Bethany House.

“Our students not only donated and participated in this project, but learned the invaluable lesson of giving service to others in need,” added Wellington C. Mepham High School Principal Michael Harrington.  

Transportation Schedule for High School Mid-Term Testing, January 24-27, 2017


Bellmore-Merrick’s ENL Students Travel Back in Time

English Language Learners from both Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue middle schools visited the Tenement Museum in Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Jan. 13 as part of the English as a New Language program.

“Students traveled back in time and experienced the life of immigrants inside a tenement apartment building from 1863,” explained ENL Chairperson Enrique Montes.

During the guided tour, students interacted with an actress playing the role of Victoria Confino, a former resident who lived in the tenement in 1916. Students were invited into her living room where they heard stories about her experience as a Greek immigrant settling in the Lower East Side.  

Students prepared questions in advance and compared their experiences as immigrants with that of settlers in the early part of the 20th century.
“Our students left with a sense of perspective, knowing that the challenges they face as new Americans are not different from what immigrants faced years ago,” added Montes.

Their ENL teachers, Abigail Havener and Denise Schleith, prepared a thematic unit on immigration in preparation for this trip. Students learned about the contributions that immigrants have had in shaping the country.  

Keeping up with the spirit of multiculturalism, students and chaperones had empanadas at a Lower East Side restaurant.

“One Voice, One Message” Superhero 5K Walk/Run on Saturday, March 25th


The students of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District are pleased to invite you to participate in the “One Voice, One Message” Superhero 5K walk/run on Saturday, March 25th.  Registration begins at 7:30am and the race begins at 9:00am.  The start and finish lines are at Grand Avenue Middle School.  This year’s proceeds will be donated to Stop Hunger Now, an organization that helps fight hunger. To pre-register for the race, please visit the following website:


 Roads between Grand Avenue Middle School  and Merrick Avenue Middle Schools will be affected starting at 8:00 am until around 11:00 am.  The actual route for the Superhero 5K can be found on the above reference website.  The roads will reopen as the participants make their way through.

We hope to see you on March 25th!


Bellmore-Merrick Expands World Languages Department

Bellmore-Merrick Expands World Languages Department

The district’s Department of World Languages expanded its offerings for the 2016-17 school year with the addition of Mandarin Chinese.

“The response to the program was positive, and classes are now well under way at both Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue middle schools,” said World Languages Chairperson Rosa Kaplan.

 At the start of the year, seventh-grade students began studying the Chinese language and culture with their teacher, Helen Han.

Through a storytelling approach, students were quickly immersed in the language, as Ms. Han believes in teaching her entire lesson in Mandarin.
“It did not take long for students to begin speaking in Mandarin and they are already reading and writing simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin,” said Renée Fallon, a world languages chairperson.

The students are also learning about Chinese culture. Han incorporates authentic materials, videos, music and her own experience involving daily life in China. Currently there are 35 students enrolled in the program, including 15 at Grand Avenue Middle School and 20 at Merrick Avenue Middle School.

Preserving and Progressing: Merrick Avenue Unveils New Library Media Center

Preserving and Progressing: Merrick Avenue

In the interest of reshaping the model of the traditional library space, the staff at Merrick Avenue Middle recently unveiled their redesigned library media center – a true combination of the technology of the present paired with the aura of the past.

“It has become the heart of the building,” said English Chairperson Adeline Atkins. “The entire space is warm, inviting and intellectually engaging.”

To encourage and reinforce the value of literacy, Merrick Avenue Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson, noted that it was essential to include different learning areas, access to technology and literature that was readily at the fingertips of the students. “It was imperative that we remained cognizant of the fact that students learn differently and that the varying spaces support students’ learning styles.”
Keenly aware that this generation has embraced learning through technology, this new library is replete with iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles, Google Goggles, an Interactive SmartBoard, Apple TV and a 3-D Printer. Dr. Johnson added that plans for a Makerspace are in the works.  
In homage to the original library, a card catalog has been repurposed into a charging station and a supply closet has been transformed into a lit display case.  The district’s maintenance team restored the beauty of the original oak cabinetry through a sanding and restaining process that harkens the shelving back to its original era and grace.

The signatures of both classic and modern writers adorn the perimeter of the entire library separated by stacks of gilded books. Each signature is reflective of the spirit of the age in which the writers lived and the passion evoked in the subject of their works.

Similar projects are planned for Grand Avenue Middle School and Kennedy High School.

Central Seniors Chosen as 2017 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists

Two seniors were recently selected as Coca-Cola Scholar semifinalists.

Sara Samir from Calhoun High School and Maximilian Bazil from Kennedy High School were honored for their contributions to the community and the science field.

After the applicant pool was whittled down from 86,000 applicants, 1,914 students were chosen from across the country.

They are currently submitting their semifinalist applications to be reviewed in January.

After the review, 250 semifinalists will advance as regional finalists with 150 becoming Coca-Cola Scholars. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation exists to better the world through investment in exceptional high school students who are dedicated to leadership, service and action that positively affect others.

Calhoun Students Review First Aid Skills

Calhoun Students Review First Aid Skills
Calhoun Students Review First Aid Skills 2
Calhoun Students Review First Aid Skills 3
During physical education classes, students at Calhoun High School are reviewing topics in CPR, AED and first aid.

Next year, the school will be re-certifying students since its good for two years.

Under the guidance of the district’s athletic director, Eric Caballero, and in conjunction with the Robbie Levine Foundation, Bellmore-Merrick’s physical education teachers have been designing and delivering lessons in CPR and AED to students in grades 7 through 12. Additionally, students at the high school level, received first aid training.

Four Seniors Named Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars

The high school district is proud to announce that four seniors have been selected as scholars in the 2017 Regeneron Science Talent Search, (formerly known as the Intel STS).

Rachel Jozwik of Mepham High School and Claire Kelly, Jennifer Rakhimov and Michael Sternbach of Kennedy High School are among 300 nationally recognized semifinalists in the nation’s most prestigious pre-college science competition often considered the “Junior Nobel Prize.”

“These students are exemplary young scientists driven by a passion for discovery in their chosen fields of study,” said District Science Chair Robert Soel. “Their scientific investigations involved hundreds of hours of work under the mentorship of cooperating scientists in the field.”
“They are multifaceted, talented young people who are continually expanding their creative horizons,” added District Science Chair Patrick Mannion.
Jozwik’s research is titled “Correlation Between the rs53576 SNP and Stress Levels in High School Students;” Kelly’s research is titled “Impulsivity as a Predictor for Enhanced Attention Toward Novel Drug-Paired Cues;” Rakhimov’s research is titled “Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy in Degenerated Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells;” and Sternbach’s research is titled “Are Yield Curve Inversions Harbingers of Economic Contractions in Emerging Market and Excessively Debt-Ridden Countries?”

“They are wonderful role models for their peers and the entire school community is proud of their outstanding achievements,” added Soel.
Later this month, 40 finalists will be named and invited to Washington, D.C. in March, where they will display their work to the public, meet with notable scientists and compete for additional awards, including the top prize of $250,000.

Guest Speaker Educates Mepham Students About Culture Through Crisis

Culture Through Crisis1
Culture Through Crisis2
Former child bride Naila Amin is bringing her plight to light and recently visited Mepham High School to educate Leadership and Voices of the Past history students on what is a shockingly common and legal practice in many parts of the work.

Betrothed to her cousin in Pakistan at the age of 8, Amin, now 25, is working to change laws to protect other victims. Mepham student Raina Sarfriz read about her story in a Pakistani magazine and arranged for Amin to be a guest speaker.

“I wrote an article on her for our school newspaper and thought her experience would be beneficial to my classmates,” Sarfriz said.
History teacher Jacqueline Geller said she thinks exposing the students to different religions, cultures and customs allows them to be more socially aware.

“Naila's story of perseverance is truly inspiring,” Geller said. “In a world where people complain about their everyday annoyances, Naila's experience reminds us that we should be thankful and appreciate the freedoms we have.”
“I was so impressed that she was able to open up to us and share her story, said student Kristen Lasker. “I would not have been able to do that and not cry."

“It is crazy to me that they do not have gender equality in other countries,” added student Gordon Olson.

Amin hopes to one day open a safe haven for girls and women who are escaping forced marriages. She is also writing a book about her experience and is starting a foundation. She encouraged students to be socially aware of their surroundings and interactions with people.

“Speak up for someone,” she said. “Be the leader. Be that force.”

“I hope that the students feel empowered that they can survive anything and do anything if they have the right mind set,” Geller said. “Naila had and still has many obstacles to overcome and yet stood before us, with forgiveness in her heart and goals for human rights set.”

Reminder - School Delayed Opening/Closing Information


Dear Parents,


As we approach the winter weather season, we would like to ensure that everyone is prepared in case we have storms that interfere with the opening of school in the future.  

The following is a reminder of the SCHOOL DELAYED OPENING/CLOSING information which is also posted on the district website (School Closing/Delays under Parents/Students section):



Delayed Openings

Information for Students & Parents

In the event of inclement weather, a delayed opening of school by two (2) hours may be implemented by the Superintendent. Should this take place, the following schedule will be followed:

  • Middle Schools: Grades 7-8 will report to their period 1 classes at 9:56 am. The length of each period will be 25 minutes.
  • High Schools: Grades 9-12 will report to their period 1 classes at 9:30 am. The length of each period will be 28 minutes
  • MAP: Grades 10-12 will report to their period 1 classes at 10:45 am.

Buses: Bus schedules will also be delayed by exactly two (2) hours. For example, if your child’s pick-up time is normally scheduled for 7:34 am, a two (2) hour delay will change the pick-up time to 9:34 am.

  • Magnet Classes: Magnet classes in all schools will be canceled. Students are to report directly to their home school by 9:30 am for period 1.
  • Field Trips: Field trips that are scheduled to go out on the morning of a delayed opening will be canceled.  At the discretion of the principal, trips whose departure time falls safely within the shortened school day may go out as scheduled. However, field trips will be canceled if road or weather conditions continue to remain hazardous after the delayed opening.
  • BOCES Classes: All morning BOCES Barry Tech and other Occupational Education programs will be canceled. Morning BOCES students should report to their home schools at their normal start times.
  • School Lunch: Lunch will be available and served to all students at their regularly scheduled lunchtime.
  • Dismissal Time: Students will be dismissed at the normal time and afterschool activities will proceed as usual unless a cancellation is announced.
  • Student Absence: Please follow the regular procedure and call your Attendance Office if your child will not be attending school.
  • Closing School: A delayed opening is subject to change if the weather or road conditions remain hazardous. The Superintendent retains the option to close schools if the potential for hazardous conditions continues.


Calhoun Girls Basketball Hosts Youth Clinic

 Girls Basketball Hosts Youth Clinic
During the holiday break, the Calhoun High School girls varsity and junior varsity basketball teams held a basketball skills clinic for fourth- to eighth-grade girls in the Merrick and North Merrick communities.
Nearly 60 girls attended and learned various skills, performed drills and built confidence.

The next clinic will be held on Jan. 21, 2017, from 9-11 am. Sign ups are at the door for $20 per child. Grades 4 and 5 will attend between 9-10 a.m. and grades 6, 7 and 8 can attend between 10 and 11 a.m.

Kennedy Government Classes Raise Funds for Adopt-a-Battalion

Students enrolled in the Senior Participation in Government and AP Government classes at Kennedy High School raise money and collected donations for active service members stationed overseas.

At the suggestion of AP Government teacher Kara McManus, Kennedy students selected the volunteer-based Adopt-a-Battalion organization to provide packages containing toiletries, candy, and socks for troops.

Since October, AP government students hosted numerous events as part of their service learning project and the fundraising efforts benefited Adopt-a-Battalion.

“Our students organized several fundraisers including bake sales, selling yellow ribbons for Veterans Day,” said District Social Studies Chairperson Karen McGuinness. “Students also collected loose change and solicited donations of toiletries from companies in the area. On Dec. 3, student volunteers also helped to package donations at a Knights of Columbus hall in Massapequa Park.”

The group raised more than $1,300.

“This will help to ease their lives while deployed overseas,” explained Richard Olson, an Adopt-a-Battalion representative. "It is so heartwarming to see young men and women taking an interest today in our service members overseas protecting us. "

10th Annual Special Education Transition Fair 2017: From Eligibility to Employment and Beyond!


Six Seniors Recognized as Outstanding Students

Six seniors in the Central High School District were honored recently at the High School Outstanding Student Awards Dinner.

The Nassau Zone of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance hosted the event at Crest Hollow Country Club on Dec. 12, honoring one young woman and one young man in the 2017 graduating class who met the required Physical Education Outstanding Student criteria for achievement.

Michael Losak and Colleen McKenna from Calhoun High School; Josh Levine and Nicole Rezak from Kennedy High School; and Kevin Chaimowitz and Hope Kotowski from Mepham High School were recognized.

Two Students Advance After Calhoun Poetry Contest

Calhoun Poetry Contest
Two Calhoun High Scholl students will advance after competing in school’s Poetry Out Loud competition, held on Dec. 13.

The top two winners were freshman Lisa Jose, who recited “Famous” and earned first place, and junior Zachary Neiger, who recited “Jabberwocky” and earned second place.

Jose and Neiger have qualified to move on to the regional competition on Feb. 3, 2017 at Nassau Community College.
“We know they will represent Calhoun well,” said Kim Serpe, district English chairperson.

Scheduling Information for Parents of Juniors


MAMS Band Performs at Holiday Party

Holiday Party1
Holiday Party2
The Merrick Avenue Middle School band performed a few songs for visitors at the Bellmore Lion’s Club annual holiday party for needy children.

Led by Band Director Rich Gilley, the students volunteered their time on a Saturday to perform at the Brookside School, providing entertainment for all.

Kennedy’s Taylor Bruno Wrestles School’s First Female Win

Main Photo
Taylor Bruno, a student-athlete at Kennedy High School, became the first female wrestler in the school’s history to win a match.

The sophomore was victorious in overtime in the Dec. 1 match by the score of 6-4 versus a wrester from Great Neck North High School.

“I don't think there was ever anyone who doubted me or who has not pushed me to work to my fullest potential,” Bruno said. “For this season, I'm really focused on showing everyone what I can do, and work as hard as I can to win as much as I can.”

Bruno developed a love for the sport around 9 years old after being introduce to it by a cousin who achieved All-American wrestler status in college.

“When I’m asked what I like most about wrestling there is not just one answer,” Bruno said. “I like the one-on-one competition so you can really find out who the best is. And I enjoy the commitment because there's nothing else this serious. I love the bond I have with my team; they are really the best teammates I could ask for and I wouldn't have won without them.”

“Since I have been at Kennedy, we have had two other females finish a season, but never won a match versus a male,” said coach Brian DeGaetano. “Taylor is a year-round wrestler who is now in her second year with us. She never misses practice and works extremely hard each day.”

Bruno’s future goals include working toward placing at qualifiers or even the counties.
“I want to continue to push myself to work my hardest and never give up,” she added.

Calhoun, MAMS Buddy Club Decorates Gingerbread Houses

Decorating Gingerbread Houses
Decorating Gingerbread Houses 2
Decorating Gingerbread Houses 3
Decorating Gingerbread Houses 4
Members of the International Buddy Club from Calhoun High School joined the newly formed junior version of the International Buddy Club at Merrick Avenue Middle School on Dec. 16 to celebrate the holidays by decorating gingerbread houses.  

Students from various nations, ages and backgrounds came together for this fun-filled cultural activity.

“It was an engaging experience for the middle schoolers to socialize and interact with their high school counterparts,” said Richard Aceste, assistant principal at Merrick Avenue Middle School.

Mepham Science Research Program Hosts Informational Hour

Science Research Program
Science Research Program 2
The Mepham High School Advanced Science Research program recently hosted its annual information hour for the parents of ninth-grade science students.

ASR teachers Jeannette Spargifiore, Neeru Partap and Dr. David Kommor took turns presenting relevant information about the scope and sequence of the ASR program.

“Opportunities for research and college credit from SUNY Albany’s UHS program were also explained to the group of approximately 80 parents and students,” said District Science Chairperson Patrick Mannion.

Current ASR students Taylor Drew, Rachel Jozwik and Amna Minhas also spoke to the group about their research experiences and the value of the program. It was an informative and pleasant evening for all involved.

Mepham Announces Poetry Out Loud Winners

Poetry Out Loud 1
Poetry Out Loud 2
Mepham High School recently announced the winners of the 10th annual school contest for Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest.
The student winners are Taylor Drew, 12th grade, first place; Samantha Pepe, 12th grade, second place; and Candace Casimir, ninth grade, third place. 

Poetry Out Loud is a national arts education program that encourages the study of great poetry by offering educational materials and a dynamic recitation competition to high schools across the country. This is Mepham’s 10th year hosting the contest.

Throughout November, Mepham’s English teachers held classroom competitions where students competed for a chance to take part in the schoolwide competition in December. On Dec. 13, nearly 80 students filled the school’s choral room to hear 24 classroom winners recite their poems for a chance to advance to the regional competition to be held at Nassau Community College on Feb. 3, 2017.

The competition was organized by English Chairperson Mary Donnelly and Nicole Maresca, who teaches English and Creative Writing and moderates Fragments, Mepham’s literary magazine.

“At Mepham High School, students recited works they selected from an anthology of nearly 1,000 classic and contemporary poems,” Donnelly explained. “Judges evaluated student performances on criteria including articulation, evidence of understanding, level of difficulty and accuracy.”
Taylor Drew and Samantha Pepe will represent Mepham at the regional competition in February, with hopes of advancing to state and ultimately the national competition similar to Mepham alumnus and 2011 state champion Steven Tsai.

Families in Support of Treatment (F.I.S.T.) Event Flyer


Kennedy’s Jennifer Rakhimov Named Neuroscience Research Finalist

Main Photo
Jennifer Rakhimov, a senior at Kennedy High School, has been selected as one of the top finalists for the 2017 Neuroscience Research Prize on behalf of the American Academy of Neurology.  

Rakhimov’s project abstract, Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy in Degenerated Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells, was determined to be among the 15 best from a record number of entries submitted by students throughout the United States.

After her grandmother passed away while awaiting a liver transplant for the second time, Rakhimov said she became inspired “to find an alternative to organ transplants; to regenerate organs instead.”

“I decided to study particularly in the ocular region because of the background knowledge I obtained at my father’s optometry business,” she added. “The eye is just one organ. Maybe I can amplify my research into other organs as well.”

Her research is currently under the next review stage.

“She has blossomed tremendously since sophomore year in the Advanced Science Research program,” said teacher Barbi Frank. “She is consumed by science and is always finding a new way to look at something.”

This award was established to identify and reward high school students whose scientific skill and talent indicate potential for scientific contributions in the field of neuroscience. Four finalists will each receive a $1,000 prize and the top three will travel to the AAN conference in Boston, Massachusetts next April.

Overall, Rakhimov said her “goal is just to improve every day.”

Calhoun’s Breakfast Club Spreads Holiday Cheer

Main Photo

Members of the Calhoun High School Breakfast Club recently spread holiday cheer for those at the Jewel Quinn Senior Center.

On Dec. 7, the students arrived at the center, which shares a campus with the district’s administration building to sing holiday carols, made edible crafts, create holiday cards for veterans and more.

“We wanted to do something to give back to the community,” said club officer Emily Haldas.

The families of Breakfast Club members donated supplies, including an edible snowman craft, which was quite popular with the senior center members.

“This is a service learning opportunity for our students to share joy and laughter together with the elderly,” said special education teacher and club adviser Wendy Simson.
The Breakfast Club is a social and diverse club that includes both general education and special needs students that promotes positive and personal interactions.

“We plan on returning in the future to celebrate other holidays here, so that more members of the Breakfast Club have this experience as well,” said club officer Kate Andrews, who helped plan the holiday-themed event.

Mepham Opens Leadership Course to Sophomores

This year, Mepham High School  added a new half-year leadership course for interested 10th-graders.
“Each week, the students in William Murphy’s class have interviewed leaders in the school and/or in the community to get a better understanding of leadership in action,” explained Social Studies Chairperson Robyn Einbinder.

These classes are aimed at promoting community service and fostering leadership skills among students.

Annual Audit Report Notification


District Showcases Vocal Talents

Vocal Talents

The district hosted its first Vocal Music Showcase, featuring the five premiere choral groups across the entire district.

Kennedy High School’s Variety Choir, Merrick Avenue Middle School’s Word of Mouth, Grand Avenue Middle School’s Grand Voices, Mepham High School’s Pirate Radio and Calhoun High School’s Crescendo were included in the performance.

"I got to sit with my best friend who is a soprano in Variety Choir over at Kennedy, and a seventh-grader who seemed very excited with the idea of being a part of our high school ensemble,” said Doug Gall, a member of Calhoun’s Crescendo group.  

While admission was free, the district accepted donations to the new pantry, the Community Cupboard, which is housed at Brookside.

"This was an incredibly special night in the Bellmore-Merrick CHSD,” said Cheryl Fontana, director of fine and performing arts and adult education.

“The genuine amount of camaraderie and support amongst our students truly embodied the meaning of One Voice, One Message. We certainly look forward to making this a new tradition for our communities."

All district teams earn scholar athlete status

Every athletic squad in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District has been declared a Scholar Athlete team for the fall 2016 season by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

To earn this distinction, teams must earn a 90 percent grade-point average or higher.

“Student-athletes in Bellmore-Merrick continue their commitment to academics, as well as athletics,” said Eric Caballero, director of physical education, athletics, driver’s education and health. “They work hard at maintaining a precise balance to help them excel at both.”

Mepham Football Recognized for Off Field Efforts

Main Photo
The Mepham High School football team was recently recognized as the 2016 Community Service Award winner for Nassau County.
The award was given out at the Dec. 7 Nassau County High School Football Coaches Association Gridiron Banquet and recognizes a team that has given back to the community through community service projects and fundraisers.
“This past season the team continued its tradition of raising money for breast cancer awareness,” said coach and Mepham Athletic Director Anthony Cracco. “The parents and players sold T-shirts and collected donations and made a $1,000 contribution to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides for Breast Cancer program.”

Additionally, the team spent a Sunday cleaning up Newbridge Road Park as a way to thank the local community for their support of their program.  
“This project was especially meaningful as many of the players began their playing careers on the fields at Newbridge,” Cracco said. “I am extremely proud of our football families’ efforts to give back to their community. The players are a great group of young men and are extremely deserving of this honor.”

Governor Cuomo’s Message to Students


Board Honors Calhoun as Long Island Soccer Champs

Main Photo
At its Dec. 7 board of education meeting, the district honored the sensational 2016 season of the Sanford H. Calhoun Boys Soccer squad.
“After finishing in first place in their conference, the Colts entered the playoffs as the No. 3 seed,” board trustee Wendy Gargiulo said ahead of the award presentation. “The Colts went on to defeat Oceanside 2-1 in the quarterfinals with a golden goal in overtime; they then beat Hicksville 2-1 in the semifinals to avenge one of the team’s only two losses of the season up until then.”

Calhoun then became county champions with an overtime golden goal win over No. 1 seed, Massapequa, and then went on to defeat Suffolk soccer dynasty Brentwood, 3-2, in the Long Island Championship with yet another overtime golden goal. The season culminated in a trip to the State Final Four in Middletown. The Colts played great but lost to eventual champion New Rochelle by the score of 4-3, this time on the wrong end of a golden goal in overtime.

“As amazing as the success of this year’s team, it was the friendships and good times shared that made it truly special,” Gargiulo said. “It was a season that none will ever forget.”

BOE Recognizes Kennedy’s Volleyball Squad

Main Photo
The Kennedy High School boys varsity volleyball team has captured the Nassau County Championship for the second consecutive year, earning them kudos from the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District Board of Education.

“This is the program’s seventh county title in the past nine years,” said Board Vice President Dr. Nancy Kaplan. “The team came back after losing the first set to Jericho, rising to a 3-1 victory.”
Tyler Anderson, Owen Bradley, Steve Carlson and Josh Levine were named to the All-County tournament team, and Josh Levine was named Nassau County MVP.

Additionally, Tyler Anderson, Owen Bradley, Steven Carlson, Josh Kaplan and Josh Levine were named All-County by the Nassau County Volleyball Coaches Association. Jordan Kappel and Jeff Lowell were named All-Division, and Garrett Krassner was honored as the Unsung Hero at the Nassau County Volleyball Coaches Association Awards Night. Levine was also named to the All-New York State team, and coach Dennis Ringel was named a Nassau Coach of the Year for the eighth time in his nine years as a head coach.

MAP Dedicates Wall of Military Service

Main Photo
In recognition of Veterans Day, the Meadowbrook Alternative Program dedicated its Wall of Military Service.

Three MAP graduates are currently serving in the Armed Forces: Eric Montana, Class of 2016, Marines; Sohail Barak, Class of 2014, Army; Daniel Healey, Class of 2014, Army.  

“War Veterans from the Jewel Quinn Senior Citizen Center, which shares a campus with the program, were invited to the ribbon cutting,” said Principal Susan Ellinghaus. “They also shared their stories from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.”

Kennedy’s Hugh Cheung Recognized as Young Math Scholar

Hugh Cheung, a ninth-grader Kennedy High School, is among the 84 students this year selected as a Long Island Young Scholar of Mathematics.
This designation grants him acceptance into the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students to pursue mathematics and mathematical science applications.

“Hugh has been a tremendous asset to our classroom from the start of the school year,” said his math teacher Kerri Andree. “He brings great insight to our lessons and is constantly searching for a deeper understanding of mathematics. It is a pleasure to help guide a student, such as Hugh, that clearly enjoys and appreciates his education. He has a promising future in mathematics and we are all very proud of him and his accomplishments.”
The Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students is one of the most competitive programs in the nation. Selection by the institute implies that a student is among the top one-tenth of 1 percent of all students in mathematics on Long Island in their grade.

Community Cupboard


Lady Sharks Swim Into Third at County Championships

The Central High School District’s Lady Sharks swim team recently competed and finished third overall at the Nassau County Championships held at Eisenhower Park.
They began the meet by breaking the district record in the 200M Medley Relay with an All-American consideration time. The relay, consisting of Liz Walsh, Georgeanne Zimmerman, Hazel Wilkins and Stephanie Walsh, will represent the district at the state championships in Ithaca Nov. 17-19.
Liz Walsh broke two individual district records in the 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke. Her backstroke time was also an All-American consideration time. Georgeanne broke the district record in the 100-meter breaststroke and finished third in the 100-meter freestyle. Both girls qualified as All-County in their events.

Marley Zimmerman and Kirsten Giovanniello finished All-Conference in the 500-meter freestyle. Stephanie Walsh finished All-Conference in the 200-meter individual medley and Hazel Wilkins did the same in the 100-meter butterfly. The 400-meter freestyle relay consisting of Georgeanne Zimmerman, Stephanie Walsh, Alina Tucker and Liz Walsh finished second, thus qualifying as All-County. 

Zimmerman, Tucker and Stephanie Kaplan will also be representing Bellmore-Merrick at the state championships.

In the News


Bond Video 2016


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The district will be placing new information in this section regarding the Capital Projects. Be on the lookout for information as it becomes available. See the links below for our latest updates.

10/24/16 Bond Phase 2 & 3 Update

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July 2016 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

6/11/16 - Bond Phase 2 and 3 Update

April 2016 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

4/11/16 - Bond Phase 2 Update

March 2016 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

3/1/16 - Bond Phase 2 Update

February 2016 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

1/5/16 - Bond Phase 2 Update

12/15/15 - Bond Phase 2 Update

December 2015 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

11/15/15 - Bond Phase 2 Update

November 2015 Capital Bond Project Slideshow

10/20/15 - Bond Phase 2 Update

8/25/15 - Bond Phase 2 Update

1/22/15 - Bond Phase 1 Update

12/10/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

10/29/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

9/29/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

8/11/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

7/14/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

6/30/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

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Construction Update 6/17/14

Neighbor Letter Re: Construction (Middle School)

Neighbor Letter Re: Construction

6/10/14 - Bond Phase 1 Update

SED Approval - Phase I  - May 6

02/10/14 - Bond Project Update

Capital Project Potential Phasing